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New forum for ASPaSIA

forum screen shot

Join to read the restricted posts – just click here

Hi all – we have a new web forum that looks after our community nationally!

Individual Industry Member access

  • Ugly Mug listings
  • Sharing spaces
  • I am looking for someone to work with
  • I am looking for work
  • access to all the other forums (see below).

Affiliate Members access

  • Positions Vacant
  • access to the public forums.

Associate Member access

  • Associate Member Forum for GLBTIQ, swinger, poly, kink and other sex positive communities and members
  • access to the public forums.

The Agora Shop (public access)

  • Latest Shop Specials
  • Do you stock this and how do I use that?

There is also a forum which clients and the public can access.

Our admin allocates your access level according to your membership.

Go join and check it out!!!


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